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When you need a criminal defense attorney, the right representation can make all the difference. At the Saratoga Springs Law Offices of Gerard V. Amedio, we are here to help, no matter what legal concerns you may have. We offer no lecture and no judgments. We just work diligently to help our clients receive the best possible outcome given their current circumstances.

A Former Cop Who Can Protect Your Rights in Court

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In all cases, especially criminal law matters, we encourage our clients to come to us before they talk to the police. If you are fighting to protect your rights in court, you want to retain every advantage that you may have. When you talk to our lawyer at our Saratoga Springs or Glens Falls offices, we will make sure you do what is best for your case.

As a lawyer with a background in law enforcement, criminal defense attorney Gerard Amedio understands the techniques that police officers use to collect evidence and support convictions. Accordingly, he is able to effectively defend clients when police officers take shortcuts that violate their rights.

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Dedicated to helping our New York clients get the best possible results for all their legal concerns, we handle cases in a variety of practice areas. From criminal defense to family law concerns, our understanding of law enforcement goes a long way in making sure the rights of our clients are protected.

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When you speak to an attorney first, you can get a clear picture of your options and the potential consequences of your actions. From our office in Saratoga Spring, we are ready to help you get a clear picture of your case and defend your rights. We also answer urgent calls 24 hours a day. Contact us now for a free initial consultation