Matrimonial Law

New York Family and Matrimonial Law Attorney

On your wedding day, one never anticipates having to divorce or separate from your love. While that is best case scenario, it certainly is not always plausible. Marriage brings many things into a relationship that must be handled jointly. In some cases, a couple is unable to agree, and separation is necessary for the sake of all involved. New York family and matrimonial law attorney Gerard V. Amedio has over fifteen years of experience representing children and families when a marriage is irretrievably broken. With an emphasis on family, Mr. Amedio knows how the courts work and is dedicated to your best interests.

What Is Matrimonial Law?

Matrimonial law is the division of family law that deals strictly with marriage and all things about it. The property, pensions, or other joint assets and debts obtained while married, and sometimes before marriage, are governed under matrimonial law. The separation of a family unit joined in matrimony requires legal counsel to ensure your rights are protected. If your family is going through a divorce or other issues about marriage consulting with a knowledgeable family law attorney is always in your best interest.

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