Criminal Defense

Saratoga Springs Criminal Defense Lawyer

Are you facing criminal charges in New York? Whether you have been charged with drug crimes, traffic violations, or need DWI defense, make sure you talk to a criminal defense lawyer before you talk to the police. At the Saratoga Springs Law Offices of Gerard V. Amedio, we are led by a former police officer. We understand the tools used by law enforcement to build a case against you and we will fight to protect your rights.

A Former Cop Who Can Protect Your Rights in Court

As a lawyer with a background in law enforcement and forensic investigations, attorney Gerard Amedio understands the techniques that police officers use to collect evidence and support convictions. Accordingly, he is able to effectively defend clients when police officers take shortcuts that violate the rights of those investigated.

We are not afraid to attack the way evidence was collected and used. We know how the system works and we will help ensure it is working properly, arguing to throw out any improperly obtained evidence. We are ready to take an aggressive stance on your behalf, no matter what type of charge you face, including:

  • DWI : We help clients reduce the immediate consequences of a DWI arrest and work to help them retain their driver's license. We also represent clients charged with felony DWI, including charges of aggravated DWI or violations of Leandra's Law.
  • Traffic tickets : The roads and highways of upstate New York are highly policed and just one speeding ticket can result in serious penalties, to say nothing of more serious charges such as aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.
  • Drug crimes : From possession of marijuana to cocaine distribution charges, we provide criminal defense for a wide range of drug crimes.
  • Sex crimes : We handle state and federal sex crimes, as well as Internet crimes such as possession of child pornography. We know that the best criminal defense always starts when you talk to a lawyer first.
  • Domestic violence : We can help protect your rights in domestic violence proceedings in both criminal and family court.
  • State and federal appeals : Even if you have been convicted, we can continue to fight on your behalf in both state and federal appeals courts.
  • Larceny : A theft charge can have a severe impact on your life. Let us help defend your rights.
  • Probation violations : We can help protect your liberty if you have been accused of a probation violation.

With a career dedicated to criminal law, attorney Gerard Amedio knows how the system works and he represents his clients with the knowledge and experience gained from years spent investigating criminal cases. In addition to time he spent as a police officer, he is an adjunct professor of criminal law at Russell Sage College.

Call for a Free Initial Consultation With an Upstate New York DWI Defense Attorney

Always talk to an attorney first. From traffic tickets to sex crimes, police officers will ask you questions designed to get the information they want. Contact an upstate New York DWI defense attorney or call 518-583-4123 for a free initial consultation and start building your criminal defense. In addition to our weekly business hours in Saratoga Springs, we offer 24-hour urgent call service.